Custom Built in Wardrobes

Get a totally customised built in wardrobe suited to your space and needs. With so many melamine, Euroglaze, mirror and thermolaminated door options, you can design your wardrobe to perfectly suit your home. Get our designer out to come talk about design options with you and give you a free quote, or send through your ideas to our email and chat to one of the showroom staff.

Built In Wardobe 1-1.jpg
Built In Wardobe 1-2.jpg
Built In Wardobe 1-3.jpg

Distressed Wood

Built In Wardrobe 3-1.jpg
Built In Wardrobe 3-2.jpg
painted doors 3.jpg
Sheer White.jpg

Satin White

Built In Wardobe 2-1.jpg
Built In Wardobe 2-2.jpg
Built In Wardobe 2-3.jpg
Sheer White.jpg

Carcass White

Built In Wardrobe 4-1.jpg
Built In Wardrobe 4-2.jpg
Built In Wardrobe 4-3.jpg
Char Oak Ravine.jpg

Char Oak