Hinged Melamine Door Colours

Our 16mm Melamine door range is manufactured from 16mm MDF with melamine finish and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Current colours are updated every day here

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Nordic Oak Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Nordic Oak Woodmatt Timberprint

Prime Oak Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Prime Oak Woodmatt Timberprint

Blossom White Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Blossom White Woodmatt Solid

Coastal Oak Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Coastal Oak Woodmatt Timberprint

Palace Teak Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Palace Teak Woodmatt Timberprint

Bespoke Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Bespoke Woodmatt Solid

Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt Timberprint

Florentine Walnut Woodmatt Timberprint.j

Florentine Walnut Woodmatt Timberprint

Serene Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Serene Woodmatt Solid

Notaio Walnut Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Notaio Walnut 

Woodmatt Timberprint

Havana Oak Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Havana Oak Woodmatt Solid

Antico Oak Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Antico Oak Woodmatt Solid

Rojo Walnut Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Rojo Walnut Woodmatt Timberprint

Empire Oak Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Empire Oak Woodmatt Solid

Perugian Walnut Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Perugian Walnut Woodmatt Solid

Black Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Black Woodmatt Solid

Polar White Matt and Sheen.jpg

Polar White Matt and Sheen

Designer White Texture.jpg

Designer White Texture

Classic White Matt, Texture and Sheen.jp

Classic White Matt, Texture and Sheen

Alabaster Matt and Sheen.jpg

Alabaster Matt and Sheen

Angora Oak Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Angora Oak Woodmatt Timberprint

Estella Oak Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Estella Oak Woodmatt Solid

Bottega Oak Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Bottega Oak Woodmatt Solid

Husk Matt.jpg

Husk Matt

Casentino Beech Woodmatt Timberprint.jpg

Casentino Beech Woodmatt Timberprint

Silk Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Silk Woodmatt Solid

Cinder Woodmatt Solid.jpg

Cinder Woodmatt Solid

Blossom White Matt and Sheen.jpg

Blossom White Matt and Sheen

White Mist Matt and Sheen.jpg

White Mist Matt and Sheen

Cafe Cream Matt.jpg

Cafe Cream Matt

Greige Matt.jpg

Greige Matt

Artisan Oak Matt.jpg

Artisan Oak Matt

Aluminium Matt.jpg

Aluminium Matt

Canterbury Grey Matt.jpg

Canterbury Grey Matt

Feldspar Shimmer Matt.jpg

Feldspar Shimmer Matt

Riga Salt Finegrain.jpg

Riga Salt Finegrain

Copper Leaf Matt.jpg

Copper Leaf Matt

Porcelain Matt and Sheen.jpg

Porcelain Matt and Sheen

Soft Walnut Matt.jpg

Soft Walnut Matt

Gesso Lini Matt.jpg

Gesso Lini Matt

Maison Oak Matt.jpg

Maison Oak Matt

Oyster Grey Matt.jpg

Oyster Grey Matt

Char Oak Matt.jpg

Char Oak Matt

Truffle Lini Matt and Sheen.jpg

Truffle Lini Matt and Sheen

Marni Lini Finegrain.jpg

Marni Lini Finegrain

Bronze Gold Leaf Matt.jpg

Bronze Gold Leaf Matt

Whitewood Matt.jpg

Whitewood Matt

White Cotton Matt.jpg

White Cotton Matt

Marina Grey Matt.jpg

Marnia Grey Matt

Combat Teak Matt.jpg

Combat Teak Matt

Moss Grey Matt and Sheen.jpg

Moss Grey Matt and Sheen

Amaro Matt and Sheen.jpg

Amaro Matt and Sheen

Tessuto Milan Matt.jpg

Tessuto Milan Matt

Belgain Oak Matt.jpg

Belgain Oak Matt

Avion Grey Matt.jpg
Nickel Matt.jpg

Avion Grey Matt

Cavia Lini Matt and Sheen.jpg

Cavia Lini Matt and Sheen

Cinder Matt.jpg

Nickel Matt

Strata Grey Matt and Sheen.jpg

Strata Grey Matt and Sheen

Oxford Matt.jpg

Cinder Matt

Cavia Lini Finegrain.jpg

Cavia Lini Finegrain

Platinum Leaf Matt.jpg

Platinum Leaf Matt

Oxford Matt

Black Finegrain.jpg

Black Finegrain

Melamine Doors and Panels.PNG
Parchment Matt.jpg

Parchment Matt

Malt Matt.jpg

Malt Matt

Rocco Lini Matt.jpg

Rocco Lini Matt

Natural Oak Matt.jpg

Natural Oak Matt

Titanium Matt.jpg

Titanium Matt

Ferro Matt.jpg

Ferro Matt

Black Wenge Matt.jpg

Black Wenge Matt

Light Brass Leaf Matt.jpg

Light Brass Leaf Matt

New Antique White Matt.jpg

New Antique White Matt

Crema Lini Matt.jpg

Crema Lini Matt

Marni Lini Matt.jpg

Marni Lini Matt

European Walnut Matt.jpg

European Walnut Matt

Nouvea Grey Matt.jpg

Nouvea Grey Matt

Graphite Matt.jpg

Graphite Matt

Black Matt and Texture.jpg

Black Matt and Texture

Rose Gold Leaf Matt.jpg

Rose Gold Leaf Matt

Antique Matt.jpg

Antique Matt

Tuross Oak Matt.jpg

Tuross Oak Matt

Taupe Matt.jpg

Taupe Matt

Jamaican Walnut Matt.jpg

Jamaican Walnut Matt

Stone Grey Matt and Sheen.jpg

Stone Grey Matt and Sheen

Shannon Oak Matt.jpg

Shannon Oak Matt

Classic White Ashgrain.jpg

Classic White Ashgrain

Pure Gold Leaf Matt.jpg

Pure Gold Leaf Matt