Laminate Benchtops

Our 21mm ,33mm and 39mm thick laminate benchtop range is available in a range of colours and finishes, as well as different edge profiles. The recent addition of 16 new Woodmatt laminates match the perception of authentic timber in both look and feel. The newest addition of Smooth and Matera laminates look and feel like honed stone, with the benefits of easy cleaning along with being less prone to fingerprints. Current colours are updated every day here

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Peak White Gloss.jpg

Peak White Gloss

Blackrock Matt.jpg

Blackrock Matt

Chambord Matt.jpg

Chambord Matt

Fontaine Matt.jpg

Fontaine Matt

Casastone Matt.jpg

Casastone Matt

Charcoal Fabrini Matt.jpg

Charcoal Fabrini Matt

Portland Stone Matera and Smooth.jpg

Portland Stone Matera and Smooth

Alicante Stone Smooth.jpg

Alicante Stone Smooth

Casentino Beech Woodmatt.jpg

Casentino Beech Woodmatt

Notaio Walnut Woodmatt.jpg

Notaio Walnut Woodmatt

Classic White Gloss, Matt and

Classic White Matt, Texture and Gloss

Designer White Texture.jpg

Designer White Texture

Carrara Matt.jpg

Carrara Matt

Pietra Stone Matt.jpg

Pietra Stone Matt

Mocha Fabrini Matt.jpg

Mocha Fabrini Matt

Espresso Fabrini Matt.jpg

Espresso Fabrini Matt

Grey Cement Legato, Matera and

Grey Cement Legato, Matera and Smooth

Bernini Marble Matera.jpg

Bernini Marble Matera

Prime Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Prime Oak Woodmatt

Empire Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Empire Oak Woodmatt

Blanco Marquina Gloss and Matt.jpg

Blanco Marquina Gloss and Matt

Snow Fabrini Matt.jpg

Snow Fabrini Matt

Sorell Terrazzo Matt.jpg

Sorell Terrazzo Matt

Norfolk Terrazzo Matt.jpg

Norfolk Terrazzo Matt

Greystone Matt.jpg

Greystone Matt

Feldspar Shimmer Matt.jpg

Feldspar Shimmer Matt

Dark Cement Matera and Smooth.jpg

Dark Cement Matera and Smooth

Emperor Stone Smooth.jpg

Emperor Stone Smooth

Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt

Rojo Walnut Woodmatt.jpg

Rojo Walnut Woodmatt

Argento Stone Gloss and Matt.jpg

Argento Stone Gloss and Matt

Polar White Matt.jpg

Polar White Matt

French Stone Matt.jpg

French Stone Matt

Palatino Matt.jpg

Palatino Matt

Grigio Marble Matt.jpg

Grigio Marble Matt

Ink Fabrini Matt.jpg

Ink Fabrini Matt

Desideria Marble Matera.jpg

Desideria Marble Matera

Tunisia Stone Matera.jpg

Tunisia Stone Matera

Palace Teak Woodmatt.jpg

Palace Teak Woodmatt

Bottega Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Bottega Oak Woodmatt

Ardesia Stone Gloss and Matt.jpg

Ardesia Stone Gloss and Matt

Aspen Stone Matt.jpg

Aspen Stone Matt

Pumice Micro Matt.jpg

Pumice Micro Matt

Urban Slate Matt.jpg

Urban Slate Matt

Nero Granite Matt.jpg

Nero Granite Matt

Black Matt and Texture.jpg

Black Matt and Texture

Catalina Marble Matera and Smooth.jpg

Catalina Marble Matera and Smooth

Angora Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Angora Oak Woodmatt

Florentine Walnut Woodmatt.jpg

Florentine Walnut Woodmatt

Perugian Walnut Woodmatt.jpg

Perugian Walnut Woodmatt

Azul Kashmir Gloss.jpg

Azul Kashmir Gloss

Buller Stone Matt.jpg

Buller Stone Matt

Temple Stone Matt.jpg

Temple Stone Matt

Concrete Fabrini Matt.jpg

Concrete Fabrini Matt

Barrington Marble Matt.jpg

Barrington Marble Matt

Calacutta D'oro Mattera and Smooth.jpg

Calacutta D'oro Matera and Smooth

Athena Stone Matera and Smooth.jpg

Athena Stone Matera and Smooth

Coastal Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Coastal Oak Woodmatt

Antico Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Antico Oak Woodmatt

Black Woodmatt.jpg

Black Woodmatt

Pitch Black Gloss.jpg

Pitch Black Gloss

Pearl Fabrini Matt.jpg

Pearl Fabrini Matt

Bottocino Gloss and Matt.jpg

Bottocino Gloss and Matt

Stone Fabrini Matt.jpg

Stone Fabrini Matt

Buffalo Stone Matt.jpg

Buffalo Stone Matt

Calacutta Grey Matera and Smooth.jpg

Calacutta Grey Matera and Smooth

White Cement Legato, Matera and Smooth.j

White Cement Legato, Matera and Smooth

Nordic Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Nordic Oak Woodmatt

Estella Oak Woodmatt.jpg

Estella Oak Woodmatt

Benchtops and Laminate.PNG